Player Selection

The Selection Committee meets in the clubhouse every Tuesday evening during the season. Selected teams are posted on the Club's Notice Board and the selected players are also informed by the team’s captains via the respected WhatsApp groups.

Changes to selection due to injury, for example, should be confirmed to the team Captain or Chairman of Selection immediately. Teams will be selected only from players who have indicated their availability in advance.

Players should also ensure that they arrive at matches prepared to pay a match fee. This year, in the event of a weekend’s match fees remaining unpaid by the following Tuesday, the Selection Committee reserves the right to not consider that player for selection. Players must adhere to the Club's Code of Conduct (provided in the handbook, and available on the website), as this can also impact the final decision during selection. 

The Selection Committee reserves the right NOT to select players whose subscription remains unpaid at April 30th  2021.