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A Brief History Of Attock Cricket Club

Attock Cricket Club was founded in the early 70's by a group of friends. The club takes its name from a district in Pakistan, from where most of the founders of the club originated.

The early years of the club’s climb to league cricket originated in the Birmingham Parks. After many seasons of successful cricket, the club moved to a different league called the Giro Bank Business Houses. Here the standard of cricket was higher but level of organisation was poor, and so it was in 1989 when finally the club made its voice heard and entered into the larger organised leagues of the West Midlands, rising through the ranks of the Warwickshire League with successive promotions and finally settling in the historic Birmingham and District Premier League.

The Attock CC of today is much different from when it started, as it did not have a ground or any of the other facilities that one would associate with an established club. It was merely a “club” by name, set-up by a group of friends who wanted to get together at the weekend and play a game of cricket and socialise. They would simply meet on the day of the match in one of the friend’s house, get changed into cricket whites, decide on the team and make their way to the ground. This went on for many years in which the “club” won many park league titles and cup competitions, building a reputation as a talented group of cricketers. During this time the “club” lived its nomadic life, moving from ground to ground every year. In the early nineties however, some of the senior members decided that the “club” needed a more permanent location to enable it to compete at the higher level and also to hold on to the youngsters, who were leaving to other well-established clubs.

After many more years of hard work and heartaches, our chairman Naz Khan managed to acquire our present ground. The ground is located in the heart of the local community in the picturesque surroundings of Moseley School in the centre of Birmingham. The facilities in the ground were not up to the club league standard when it was acquired, however with hard work and dedication of our chairman and some of the other senior members, we managed to acquire necessary funds to improve the facilities. Our facilities are now second to none. 

Most of the original members are still with the club. They have seen Attock CC rise from its humble beginnings to its present state where it is competing at a very high level in the Birmingham League against clubs, some of which have been established for over a hundred years. The club's meteoric rise to the higher echelons of premier club competition in the UK has been achieved through dedication, sacrifice, loyalty, and very hard work of its members both on and off the field of play. The club prides itself on supporting its community, offering inner city youth an outlet into sport, with the support to make it to the highest level. We are grateful to our wonderful volunteers who have helped build our club from humble beginnings and we look forward to what the future holds...